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  PPG Wave 3.V

Waldorf’s new VSTi isn’t only a stunning emulation of the impressive vintage PPG synthesizers but is also able to deliver tons of modern sounds for contemporary music styles.

Here are a few audio demos made during betatesting and factory sound programming.


Some fidgeting with 3.V and Stylus RMX


Just sounds

Tullamore Dew

Mild and Irish. All sounds from the PPG 3.V

Wir haben uns lieb

“Wir haben uns lieb” or “Wir schlagen uns nie”. Don’t know exactly what the PPG is babbling in this one. Anyway, some saturday punk. All sounds from the plugin

Sieh mal da

7/4 shuffle, huh? All sounds except drums from Wolfgan Palm’s contributions to the factory soundset


Apparently some overuse of the PPG 3.V’s overdrive algorithms

Derwent Water

Tamer than the one above


Wilder than the one above


See title

Elastic Wave

A short reminiscence to Volker Kriegel


A short demo of the integrated drum multis that were programmed by JdM from Nutekk Labs


Eighties style. Me thinks. Most sounds from
Dr. Ingo Weidner’s contributions to the factory soundset


Some cold winter sounds and a short xmas canon made with Wolfgang Palm’s new utterance wavetables


Wave, yeah!

Goodnight Wave

Just 4 sounds from the Wave 3.V

Pigeon Breast

Some Wave 3.V funk. Or so

Zu gewaltig

More utterance and more distortion

Drums on tracks 1,2,6,8,9,14 and 16 from Spectrasonics Stylus RMX; drums on
track 10 from
NI Battery 3; chords and theme on track 6 from www.nin.com

Produced with
Cubase 5 on a 2,4 GHz Intel PC

Big thanks to Wolfram Franke and Waldorf for developing this wonderful software