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After nearly 3 years, a small update of the Tera page:
My first track with Tera 3:


Together with Summa I programmed several factory presets for this good sounding and flexible instrument that has enormous sonic capabilities and is one of the few softsynths with a really excellent user interface optimized for computer monitors.

Some short demo tracks:   

Summa vs DocT

Summa’s subtile evolving ambient sounds versus DocT’s abuse of the Tera engine ;-)

Into Tera (Summa)

EBM / Clicks&Cuts style, weird modulations, powerful sounds.
The dark side of the Tera 2


A short improvisation with many sounds that use the great multistage envelopes for rhythmic modulations. Drums from Spectrasonics Stylus

New Year

While still a little sleepy on 1st January of 2004 I programmed a few nasty Tera sounds and patched them together into a short track..


A simple one ;-) Funny 136 bpm trance track. All sounds including drums from Tera 2

Tera 2-Intro

Here is a short multimode demotrack. 16 Tera2 sounds, no external FX, no additional processing except for some limiting with Steinbergs Loudness Maximizer

Here are some mp3s of Tera 2 single sounds:

Tera 2-Singlesounds

Some tracks made with Tera 1:   

Cold over here

Fatal Error