flann electrobeach (70ies style remix)

besides the guitar and an absynth fx all sounds in the intro come from the microQ.
Thanks to
flann for his great vocals


Life is an endless looped ADSR envelope ;-)
A funny drumming session acconpanied by microQ and Virus noises

Pitch Black

7/8 rhythm copied from Pink Floyds “Money”, bended brass style copied from NDW band Spliff ;-)
A complete little track with microQ, Virus sounds and a Pulse Bass

Inversion Zone

All intro sounds from the microQ, a few Virus sounds later.
Great FX sounds from the little yellow (now “classic blue”) modulation monster ;-)


A short remix of Xenotons track “Strange planets”

All synth sounds come from the Waldorf microQ except the basses (Virus, Pulse and Roland JV) and the organ.Drums from Spectrasonics Stylus.



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