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     Waldorf Pulse
64 Sounds for the
Waldorf Pulse

[ Click Pulse picture for download ]

I recorded a little demo track with the sounds from the bank. You can download it here (3,3 MB)
I used my Pulse, a Lexicon MPX 100 FX unit and a few EQs in Cubase. For the pulse is monophon I recorded one track after another in overdubbing mode.
The drums are from the
Spectrasonics Stylus.

Here is a demo mp3 (1,8 MB) that shows some of the arpeggio sounds from the bank.
A single Pulse, a little delay from a Lexicon MPX 100 and some noise from several mixer inputs that I forgot to mute before recording the Pulse ;-)

Short audio files of most of the patches can be found here:

Pulse Sounds

Some pictures of my metall pulse in progress

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