Waldorf microQ
PPG Wave 2.V
DocT Evosounds
  PPG Wave 2.V

Here you find 2 Soundbanks for the

Bank 1 contains 60, bank 2 contains 70 sounds from various categories for free download

DocT-PPG 2.V Soundbank 1

DocT-PPG 2.V Soundbank 2


WMF’s Nightmares
Sounds from banks 1 and 2, some of them modified. Drums from the Waldorf Attack VSTI

Electromagnetic Sauna
A short track produced with sounds from the 2 soundbanks.
With a little help from the Access Virus (the long reverberated ice rain) and a microQ (the FX at the beginning)

Droid Park
All FX and pads from the PPG, distorted lead from the Virus, Pulse bass.