Evolver Keyboard
Prophet '08
Poly Evolver Keyboard

Sounds:    Lithosphere (all sounds from the PEK)
U-Bahn (PEK and Stylus, chords and idea with permission from Charles Gräf)
Oldstyle (a cover of a track from the “Vintage Synth” CDs, PEK and Stylus)
Nine Inch Evo (all synthsounds from PEK, Stylus drums, vocals from www.nin.com)
Seventies   (all sounds from the PEK)
Fast Rezzy   (a few additional drumloops from Spectrasonics Stylus)
Q-Sequences   (some softer sounds from the PEK)
Lovely2CU   (strange enough, therefore I am sure that Will Gregory won’t mind)
Evo Ice (embracing the winter with some cold Evo sounds, drums from Stylus)

Please note that the audios represent my personal kind of using the Poly Evolver Keyboard. The PEK can however produce warm, analog and traditional sounds as well.
Here are a few:
Analogue style sounds