Pictures and sounds of Dave Smith’s new Prophet’08
New page with sounds and tracks made with the Creamware MiniMax ASB
Producer Soundset for Terratec Komplexer available: www.doctsounds.de
128 high quality sounds and lots of multis created by
Summa and DocT
I made some short demotracks with the
Moog Little Phatty: “In Yo Face!”
Terratec Komplexer finally released. I did some betatesting and programmed
part of the factory sounds
First sounds and pics of DSI’s
Mono Evolver Keyboard
NIN-Remix with Evolver sounds:
Eight Inch
DSI ships the new
Poly Evolver Keyboard
Tera2 soundbank now contains 128 patches by Summa and DocT
Some more tracks with
Poly Evolver sounds
Poly Evolver soundset for free download
Poly Evolver


C Dr. Stefan Trippler, Alzey, 2002 Waldorf microQ µQ Stefan Trippler Sounds Audio Wave Alzey Q PPG download Q Synthesizer Q+ Sound Patch Patches Virus Pulse Audio Studio


Waldorf microQ
DSI Evolver
MiniMax ASB
Moog Little Phatty
U-he ACE
PPG Wave 3.V
Virsyn Tera
  DocTs Sounds and Patches